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Federal, state and local governments all have budgets and all need training. The challenge for these offices is finding the most suitable company that has delivered the work before in a budget friendly format.

At Knowledge Solutions International, we have worked with all branches of the government for years. Our staff is familiar with the ins and out of delivering training to a government office or one of its entities. Our numerous delivery methods provide the opportunity to get in front of many employees at one time.

We can deliver to government workers spread across the country at a federal level, across the commonwealth at a state level or across the highway at a local level.

Knowledge Solutions International is a vendor in the GSA Schedule program. We can help with all 8570 needs as well as other policies and procedures that require government officers to be certified. We are also listed vendors in most major cities throughout the country.

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Municipal & State

In the US, about 36,000 municipal and township governments have combined annual revenues of $375 billion. Consumption spending and gross investment by state and local governments in the US are forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 4.4 percent between 2007 and 2012. Education is the largest item in most municipal budgets, on average accounting for 45 percent of all local spending.

So, what do trends say municipalities and states should do with their budget?

One of the major challenges for both government branches is inadequately trained staff . Higher skill levels are becoming government mandates. Many employees work part time or by contract and these workers have little to no specialized training.

The delegation of more authority to state and local governments by the federal government has allowed service to become decentralized as the education spending growth continues. Empowered operational managers and continued education spending growth provide significant opportunity for states and municipalities to have adequately trained staff.

Knowledge Solutions International can raise the bar to ensure your government entities have not just adequate, but highly and effectively trained staff. As business trends continue to show an increase in spending, autonomous managers are in a place to keep their operation prepared for advances made in technology.

For instance, we can provide training to perform and create online services such as voting, auctions, applications for parking permits and marriage licenses, birth and death certificates copy requests, or reserving time at local parks or buildings.

Websites offer states and townships the ability to advertise both attractions and environmental nuances of their communities; advise the citizenry of upcoming events, meetings, and the services offered by government departments; and post the minutes of council, board and state meetings.

To attract interest, the site must be attractive, up-to-date, and offer information of interest to the constituency and visitors. The site's operation may be outsourced, but updates are usually handled by town clerks.

Knowledge Solutions International has Solutions Advisors available to help uncover and address the needs of your local government entity. Our team has developed solutions for all branches of the government for over 25 years.

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Federal Government

The US federal government each year spends about $500 billion to buy goods and services. US government purchases of goods and services are forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 4.1 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Government workers are well equipped to make solid choices to advance their careers. It is vital they be supplied with as many options as possible to gain the skills demanded of them in the 21st century economy.

With a strong demand for growth in the security segment, America's government is always in need of technical expertise for new projects. Specifically, the past decade has shown a greater percentage of spending by Department of Defense and some other departments for goods and services that require high levels of technological or scientific expertise.

At Knowledge Solutions International, our principals have over 25 years of working with all branches of the Federal Government. We have experience bidding on various contracts. Our vast expanse of services stretches to every branch of the Federal Government, and we have been able to provide learning solutions for each one.

Knowledge Solutions International is familiar with the intricacies of working with a Federal Government entity. Government regulations often require tighter compliance procedures and highly detailed cost accounting systems. We install and modify existing systems to provide the tighter management control and highly detailed cost accounting functions. The infrastructure of our accounting systems were built to comply with government requirements.

As most contracts with the government require developing technical expertise, we have been repeat winner of contracts. As a technology based company, we always have access to the latest and greatest versions of software and programs. Our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status mandates that we get our hands on technology before it is released. In addition, we have other partnerships to give us access to new technologies and learning solutions.

As penalties for noncompliance increase in severity, each Federal government entity must ensure that procedures are understood and followed. Our Professional Services team develops content for training staff on new procedures and regulations. We work hand in hand with orchestrating a training of on a large scale via efficient and highly effective delivery formats including eLearning and Live Distance Learning.

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