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The Microsoft IT Academy Program provides educators, institutions, and communities with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for teaching and learning innovative technologies.
Students gain experience in the latest technologies and have a wider range of career options. Institutions get the instant recognition and credibility of the Microsoft brand, along with a comprehensive curriculum and online collaboration tools for students and faculty. Additionally, the communities and businesses benefit from a highly trained and employable workforce.




Top Five Reasons to Join


1. Reduce Costs for Your School

The Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) entitles you to an extensive portfolio of benefits. EXAMPLE -- By providing just 4 students or faculty with e-learning under your ITA membership, you save the equivalent of your entire annual membership fee.


2. Gain an Extensive E-learning Library

Your entire school’s academic staff, faculty and students have access to our extensive e-learning portfolio free of charge (250+ online courses for the Advanced Level members). This is an EXCELLENT resource for students and instructors wishing to keep their technical skills current.


3. Differentiate Your Institution

Promote your school as a member of the highly respected ITA global community, leveraging the IT Academy and Microsoft brand - gaining visibility among students and employers.


4. Save Teachers Time

Save your teachers valuable time with a ‘ready to go’ solution and choices including Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum (MOAC) textbooks containing lesson plans, presentations, assessments, setup guides and exercises.


5. Distinguish Your Students

Provide your students with career advantage and workforce preparedness through leading-edge, 21st Century employability skills and certification on Microsoft technologies sought by employers worldwide.














Microsoft IT Academy Program Fast Facts

  • Global Program
  • Launched over 10 years ago
  • Available in Volume Licensing: as of January 2010
  • 7500 IT Academies Worldwide
  • Present in 160 countries
  • 75,000+ students certified last year through IT Academies
  • Over 1,200 IT Academies became Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs)
  • MOU and Alliance Agreements signed with many Ministries and  Departments of Education


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